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Want to work with me on your next project? Contact me on the email below! Thanks.

"Mike has helped us take so many songs from a rough sketch to the finished article, that have then been released as singles or album tracks. He’s a delight to work with and adds so much creativity to our sound during the recording process and mix. And he’s a thoroughly nice chap too."
- Jody and the Jerms

"We've worked together closely for over 10 years and he has consistently brought out the best in my work. His mix work on tracks such as Cheptegei has taken them to a whole other level that wouldn't have been possible for me working alone. Mike is highly recommended. Regarding an infinity of musical genres and styles, he is the man!
- Sebastian Reynolds

"Mike’s incredible technical ability, deft hands and keen ears are matched only by how bloody lovely he is to work and hang out with. As a band we’ve never collaborated with someone so committed - he went above and beyond to help produce something we could never have hoped of achieving in our wildest dreams."

- Civil Villains

"We asked Mike to help us with our EP mid-process and he was very flexible and willing to work with home recorded audio and turn it into a professional and punchy sounding release. It was made even more fun due to his encouragement for experimentation in the studio - using physical spaces and hardware effects to capture unique sounds, rather than just reach for that stock plugin. He also takes a great interest in the artists he is working with, attending gigs and getting to know the members, which helps create an easy going and trusting atmosphere."
- In-Flight Movie

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